Tuesday, 13 December 2011


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Video interview with Maureen Ellis,co-ordinator GISIG and Sunday's presenter in Adobe Connect
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Interview with Dennis Newson another member of GISIG


What are “Global Issues”?

“The  ‘Global Issues Special Interest Group of IATEFL’ is really the most important Special Interest Group this Association has and all members of IATEFL should be members of it.” To explain this statement we must refer to GISIG’S Mission Statement.

The Global Issues SIG was formed in 1995 to provide a forum among ELT practitioners to stimulate awareness and understanding of global issues, and to encourage the development of global education within language teaching.

What are our aims?

·          To increase members' awareness and understanding of issues such as peace, justice and equality, human rights and social responsibility, racism and sexism, the environment, world development and international understanding.

·          To exchange ideas on integrating peace education, human rights education, development education and environmental education into language teaching.

·          To equip learners with the knowledge, skills and values which can help them confront both local and global problems.

·          To promote a less Eurocentric perspective within ELT.

These aims justify that above givem statement of the SIG’s Founding Father: Alan Maley.

GISIG fulfils the two roles a language teacher has in society: the conveyer of linguistic knowledge AND the educator to enable students to understand better how the modern world functions.

GISIG gives teachers the means of filling their roles with meaningful substance; it provides teaching models and concepts and stimulates teachers to develop ideas on how to integrate these ideas into teaching.

GISIG enables IATEFL to be a truly International association.


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